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  1. Judokahenk

    Daughter fight

    Hello , I also love fighting with my 30yr old daughter in law Jill , she is a Grappler & MuayThai fighter , like my son who is married with her.
  2. Judokahenk

    Session Slovenia

    Send me a photo of you to my email so I can send you one from our ladies. my email : [email protected]
  3. Judokahenk

    Session Slovenia

    Hello Wer , Me and my son think that our ladies are looking great , we are very happy with them. My wife died in 2015 at cancer). My new girlfriend Daria Lytvynenko (born in Ukraine) 43yr-184cm-72kg and My daughter in Law Jill (married with my son Henk Jr since january 2019) 29yr-174cm-63kg.
  4. Judokahenk

    triangle choke?

    I was there a few times already and you are sure right there are a few great session girls , like Kyra ([email protected]) , Izabella Mendes ([email protected]) , Dolly ([email protected]) , Viktoria ([email protected]) , Tia Wrestler ([email protected])...
  5. Judokahenk

    Session Slovenia

    Hello , this summer me and my family will be for holiday in Slovenia , my girlfriend Daria and my daughter in law Jill would be sure interested in some wrestling at our holiday and Me and my son would love to watch them , last summer 2023 they also did wrestling some guys at our holiday in Ghana...
  6. Judokahenk

    triangle choke?

    I think the best girls to meet for scissors/Triangle choke are Tomiko1 , Tatiana Steele and Kortney Olson and in the Netherlands that will be Amata , Strong like a lion and Karyn Bayres. And one special girl I would say with a great Scissors/triange choke is Nausi Love from Sweden.
  7. Judokahenk

    Hi there

    Because of your age , my daughter in Law Jill 28yr and My Niece Denise 19yr would be the best opponents for you , And Yes they both know there throws and holds.
  8. Judokahenk

    Hi there

    That is nice to hear
  9. Judokahenk

    Hi there

    Great that a young guy like you have a Judo Fetish , I am 54yr old and I also like Judo very much , like all of my family members , we all also members of a Judoclub here in Venray Netherlands , when you will be visit the Netherlands ones in the future let me know , I am sure my Daughter...
  10. Judokahenk

    Great Sessiongirls will visit Amsterdam coming Months

    Hello , When you will be in Amsterdam the coming period and you love doing Sessions then some great Sessiongirls will ready for you !! February 2024 : 15-18 febr : Nausi Love from Sweden. 16 febr : Lady Queen from France. 19+20 febr :: Patricia from Spain. 20+21 febr : Rage Shieldmaiden from...
  11. Judokahenk

    Amazonia J (from Montreal Canada)

    You will not believe it but For me the strongest and hardest scissor had Nausi Love from from Sweden a female from 6'6 (198cm) and 150lbs (68kg) with very powerfull and long legs.
  12. Judokahenk

    Amazonia J (from Montreal Canada)

    But when you wll be visit Europe ones , and you really love do scissoring session , and you would like powerfull scissor sessions , you sure must try to book such sessions with : BrandNewMuscle from Germany , Ms Xena from Sweden , Nausi Love from Sweden , Jackie JI from UK , Muscledoll from...
  13. Judokahenk

    Amazonia J (from Montreal Canada)

    You can ask that to someone if Amazonia J have powerful scissors , but for everyone is power of scissors from female different , When I would say her scissors are very powerfull , maybe it will not for you , it is always so , everyone should try to make the experience by his self.
  14. Judokahenk

    The Wrestling Events 2024 at Monica Wrestling Centre London UK

    2024 Event Dates Female vs Female competitive wrestling events : 23rd March 2024 13th July 2024 28th September 2024 7th December 2024 Mixed Wrestling Party Events 27th March 2024 17th July 2024 2nd October 2024 11th December 2024 Are you ready for the Next mixed wrestling evening party? :)...
  15. Judokahenk

    To all Girls from

    I wish all girls here from Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy & Sporty 2024. Hope to meet for sessions in 2024 a few of the Girls again and ofcourse also new Girls. Also in 2024 I hope I can watch my new girlfriend Alexandra 50yr and My Daughter Jennifer 29yr participating at...
  16. Judokahenk

    Who has the experience ?

    Hello , My name is Henk 54yr from the Netherlands. April 2024 , I will be travel to the USA and would love to visit there some states. One place will be Tulsa Oklahoma. I will travel then with new girlfriend Alexandra 50yr and My Daughter Jennifer 29yr. Both are love Wrestling other females...
  17. Judokahenk

    My wish to meet soon for session !!

    I hope I will have a nice Judo Session with Amata from Amsterdam soon ones and look if her Ko-uchi-make-komi is really as good as she said. Would love to make the experience again vs a real Judo blackbelt female. My last session against a real Judoka is already a few years ago vs a girl from...
  18. Judokahenk

    How it all began - play wrestling in boyhood- childhood

    Hello Agatha , I hope we will meet in february 2024 for a Competitive Wrestling , when I will be in Nevada Las Vegas for Holiday with my Daughter Jasmin 25yr and Son Michael 22yr. We all 3 also like wrestling with other guys and girls.
  19. Judokahenk

    What happened to

    They have a new site ,here you can find them again :
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    My Session 26th of August in Berlin.

    Hello wrestling fans, A few days ago on Saturday 26th of august 2023 , I had a exciting wrestling session with young , wrestler called Rage Shieldmaiden from Berlin Germany at my Hotel in Berlin Germany . The days before I meet Rage Shieldmaiden I watch some of her Wrestling...