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    Questions for SessionGirls Interviews has been a sponsor of the interviews - so yes
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    Help us help you!

    If you find a "bug" or have issues with your login information/registration, leave us a comment on here.
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    Thanks to all for your patience with the latest version of the website that was introduced in January 2022. After being in existence for 12 years, an updated version was needed. We are still in the process of adding more features and making the website better. Adding a forum...
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    Questions and Comments

    Feel free to post questions and comments about the SessionGirls clips found on the website. What type of clips would you like to see?
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    Questions for clients

    This is an area for SessionGirls to post questions for clients or for clients to ask questions of other clients. You can also read the Client Session Guide in the "Introduce Yourself" and post questions and comments about that here.
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    Questions for SessionGirls Interviews

    If you are familiar with the SessionGirl website, you know Jennifer does interviews with SessionGirls or has SessionGirls film themselves answering questions from fans. We will post on here when we can if we know who Jennifer will be interviewing for specific questions for a SessionGirl. In...
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    First experience

    When was your first session? My first session was over 30 years ago with female bodybuilder Laura Vukov. I contacted her through a publication called AMFEM that I ordered from a female wrestling magazine back in the early 1990's. Laura was not a great "wrestler" but was strong and muscular...
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    Favorite holds

    What are your favorite holds you like a SessionGIrl to put you in? Some of my favorite holds are a combination school girl pin and grapevine. I love when a SessionGirls grabs my wrist to pin to the ground and I try to lift my arms up to try to escape only to have the SessionGIrl pin my arms...
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    Client Guide to Mixed Wrestling Sessions by Joe Schmoe

    Please feel free to introduce yourself and let us know what brought you to the discussion forum area and what type of sessions you are interested in. Also feel free to make comments about the client guide above and let us know your thoughts as it is a work in progress.