My session with Black Amazone Kassidy London UK 2009.


Kassidy a black amazon woman with killer legs which are trained from pole dancing. Kassidy will make you submit with my body or head scissors! Kassidy like a bit of rough and tumble and have taken part in tournaments with FEMWIN fighting other women.

Kassidy has done some matches versus men and women and I can't speak highly enough about her! Kassidy is gorgeous with incredibly long and strong legs but it's not just Kassidy's physical appearance, Kassidy is also got a very likeable personality. I imagine that Kassidy will be one of the more popular session wrestlers in the UK.

My session with Kassidy on 21th of May 2009 :
Kassidy just looked amazing ... Kassidy her long legs and her well trained body are just great and sexy as hell. Me and Kassidy decided to armwrestle at the beginning and the end of the session. I won the 2 right arm matches and Kassidy the 2 left arm , I had to give 100%. Kassidy is surprisingly strong in the upper body. Then we started wrestling and Kassidy got me by surprise right at the beginning and so Kassidy won the first two falls with deadly headlocks in less then 5 minutes. But I learned quickly how to fight Kassidy better and so the fight was more equal. Kassidy 182cm and Me 190cm , but i was around 20gk heavier than Kassidy. Kassidy compensated for this with her speed and technique, but I am quite sure Kassidy had to give 100% to beat me at the end. I'm not 100% sure, but I think Kassidy won 7:4 or so after 50min of wrestling. We also used 10 minutes for a great scissor session were Kassidy showed me her awesome legpower in different scissorholds. I could survive nearly all of her bodyscissors but had no chance in her headscisssors. they were just amazing. It was a great and a amazing one and half hour session with Kassidy , Kassidy is really a fun person with a great personality."


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