My session with Hotstuff Hollie


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This was my first session with Hollie and I was very impressed by her speed, agility, strength and, of course, her beauty. She was anxious to boxing but the session was not rushed. I ran into traffic and was running a few minutes late. I was fully expecting that she would need to cut our time short but I was very pleased that didn't happen, and she still was able to give me a full hour and a half of her time.

If boxing sessions are your thing, you have reached the point at the top of the pyramid when you "glove up" with this four-time world champion professional boxer. Although she is a true celebrity, and incredibly beautiful, having made it onto lists of the World's 10 Sexiest Female Athletes. She's a friendly, down home Arkansas farm girl who seems genuinely surprised by and grateful for all of the attention she's been receiving since she began doing sessions a couple years ago. ...We boxed competitively for five rounds. That was all an out of shape old man like myself could handle, but she can go the distance if you're in good enough shape to keep up with her. When I say "competitive" boxing, I mean that she wore headgear and allowed me to try as hard as I could to hit her. Presenting a very small target, and being a world-class defensive fighter and counterpuncher, she is almost impossible to hit. In the five rounds we boxed, I managed to land a exactly two clean shots to her head. The first time I connected, I apologized profusely, as past experience has taught me that most boxing sessions would have ended right then and there. To my astonishment, she just laughed it off and said, "Don't be sorry. That's what we're here for." Incredible! By the end of round four she had me completely exhausted from throwing punches that hit nothing but air. Still, she hadn't floored me yet. Then I realized it was because she hadn't been hitting me anything even close to the power with which she could have been hitting me. She was deliberately toying with me, wanting me to last as long as possible, for her enjoyment, as well as for my own. "I'll let you feel a few in the next round," she said, sensing that I couldn't go much longer, and was ready for my KO. Within 30 seconds, I was face down on the carpet. She could have done that in the first 30 seconds of round one if she'd wanted to. Although she is barely five feet tall, and I am 5' 10", she had no trouble at all landing blows to my head. Her small size will actually enhance your sense of humiliation, because you are literally being knocked out by a little girl. I will see her again and again, for as long as she chooses to do sessions, or for as long as I am in good enough shape to do them with her."