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What is mixed wrestling?

Welcome to my world – a world of pure imagination and fantasy.
Obviously, Joe Schmoe is a pseudonym. In mainstream, Joe Schmoe is a generic “anybody”, but in the
session world “schmoe” is term used to denote a devoted fan of female wrestling, figure, fitness,
bodybuilding athletes, and also those who also do mixed sessions.
Which leads to the next question, what is a “mixed session”. In my case, “mixed” is a session involving a
man and a woman. “Session” is an agreed upon meeting of an activity (for the most part wrestling) for
an agreed upon period of time (usually an hour). In this essay, “session” will mean “mixed wrestling
session” as that is mostly what I have done for most of my adult life as this is my “fetish”. Others may
like to do boxing or MMA fighting instead of wrestling. Some men like to do “muscle worship”, where
they oil up a muscular woman to feel her muscles all over. Some sessions are negotiated to include
activities of a more “sensual activity” (not something I request, the sessions I do already more of a
sensual nature which is enough for me).
Mixed wrestling sessions can take place in many venues. Many take place in hotel rooms, especially
when women are on tour away from home. Some women host mixed sessions at their home
or apartment. There are also those who have access to a large matted room or in some cases a
wrestling/boxing ring or MMA octagon for a more semi-competitive, competitive or role play session.
Sessions can be categorized into different intensities – from playful to competitive wrestling sessions.

Types of Sessions

Below is a description of each of these intensities to see which type might be of interest to you.
I have this as the lowest intensity as this is what is sounds like – playing. This is where neither person is
trying to control through competition. This is acting by all participants following a script or role play
scenario that may include specific activities of the client. This usually involves something of a sensual or
sexual nature, such as foot worship, muscle worship, bondage/restraint, tickling, etc.


This is a session where both combatants are not going fully all out, but the male is putting up some
resistance to the female, but not taking the initiative to try to pin or submit the female. The scenario
might also be that the male has little to no experience and the female must hold back from her vast
experience and knowledge to not overpower and wear out the male right away.
This style of session has an agreed upon outcome that the woman will overpower the man, but neither
are going all out for fear of risk of injury. There is more forced physical contact than in a playful/fantasy
session, which men who like this form of session desire.
This is probably the least done session of the three as it requires both parties to be of similar skills and
abilities, which is hard to determine and very risky. Both parties go all out with no predetermined
winner. The risk of injury is great due to the intense physicality. If one party is much more experienced
and stronger than the other, the session might end quickly, or the parties may agree to change it to a
semi-competitive or playful/fantasy session with new ground rules that cater to what the male client
wants. This type of session would need an appropriate venue that would require lots of space, such as a
large matted area or a proper boxing ring for a boxing session.
How does a man realize he has a session fetish?
I like mixed wrestling – there I said it. I like to wrestle against a woman who is more athletically and
physically skilled than I am to control me, dominate me and pin me down.
Why do I like this? Well, that can be analyzed many different ways – none of which I am going to go into
here – lol.
My theory is it is just how I am “wired”. Everyone has some sort of fetish – some activity that stirs the
loins and brains for whatever reason. In my conversations with women, they have told me about
requests they have gotten from potential clients. Some are common, such as foot fetishists, muscle
worshippers, and some not so common that I won’t list as I don’t want anyone to be offended if they
read this and this might be their fetish. There is no “ranking” of fetishes – just my opinion that some are
easier to understand than others.
The common question is when did I first realize my fetish for strong, dominant, athletic women? I can’t
give you an exact date and time – but I can always say it has always been there – I just did not realize it
until later in life.

Of course, my memories are all from TV and movies from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Lynda Carter as
Wonder Woman, Lindsey Wagner as the Bionic Woman, Erin Grey as Colonel Wilma Deering in Buck
Rogers, the Saturday morning kid shows of Isis and Elektra Woman and Dyna Girl. Of course, all of these
shows were women with “super powers”. For “real women”, you need to go with the “original”
Charlie’s Angels. Older men I have talked to about how they realized they like stronger women were by
watching the women in the James Bond movies who were very physical and attractive and displayed
their athletic talents.
For me, the #1 on the list of women who started my recognition of my mixed wrestling fetish is Diana
Rigg as Mrs. Emma Peel in the television show “The Avengers”. A spy who was an equal to her partner
John Steed. Some may say he was the older man with brains and experience while she had the athletic
ability and the “brawn”, but Mrs. Peel was never “dumb”. What added to the show was the clever
writing with outstanding humor added in. What set Mrs. Peel apart from everyone else was her
wardrobe – lots of black boots, black leather, short skirts, and looking beautiful in those outfits beating
up the bad guys and women.
My favorite episode that shows off all I am talking about is A Touch of Brimstone aired in 1966. Mrs.
Peel goes undercover to infiltrate the Helfire Club. This episode involves an orgy and Mrs. Peel decked
out in an outfit as the Queen of Sin. Hard to believe this episode was made in 1966 and they were able
to get away with it. After this episode, Mrs. Peel has always had my interest and will always be #1 as my
reason for loving dominant, athletic, intelligent women and wanting to be physically and mentally under
their control.

The Psychology of Sessions

Our society for many years has been very patriarchal. The men are in charge and the women serve a
subservient and supporting role. I remember in the 1970’s that in the newspaper that the jobs were
divided into two categories – jobs for men and jobs for women. Men were company presidents and
supervisors while the women were secretaries or entry level customer service. Now 50 years later,
there has been great progress by women to hold positions of power and authority. Women also have
more opportunities for college and professional athletic sports.
What mixed sessions provide is an escape for men who love to have a woman in charge of them to do

so. The men may have positions of authority and/or under great stress, and sessions allow them to
escape – and how better to do this with a woman who can use her physical and mental will to do so.
What it means to me is having a part of my life where I am not in control and I am not the initiator of
things to do.
It is being in a relationship where the woman is in control, makes decisions, and tells me what to do or
what services I can provide for her. It is a relationship where the boundaries are set, and I am to adhere
to the boundaries.
What do you feel when you give over control?
In a mixed session, there is nothing like facing off against an opponent and letting her make the first
move. Some women are very good at using their wrestling experience to put me in a submission hold or
pin me down and make me submit very quickly. With other women, it may take them longer, or in some
cases, I never felt they were able to submit me, I had to let them pin me down, but they never
in control of me.
For the women that proved that they could control me, in the instant that I knew that they were in
control and there was no way I could defeat them, I went into defensive mode and tried my best not to
let them make me submit or pin me down. I would put up a physical effort, but the fight inside of me
was shut down and I accepted my fate that there was nothing I could do to stop my female opponent
from defeating me. My brain shuts off and it is almost like going through the motions of a fight I have
no chance of winning. I should feel shame and humiliation in losing to a woman, especially if the
woman is half my weight or less. Instead, I enjoy the liberation of giving in to her and letting her do
what she pleases as I try to put up a defense to her onslaught.
At the same time, there is an intimacy part to this that I feel I lack in my real life. I love having a woman
put me on my back and be on top of me in a schoolgirl pin, holding my wrists down on the floor with her
face right above mine looking down at me knowing she is in control. I find it very arousing to be in this
position, and other submission positions, when the woman is on top of me and putting me in a hold with
our bodies so close together.
I have had the experience of having a session wrestling make me verbally tell her “I submit to You”. It
was a very cathartic feeling saying it to you out loud. I have tapped out to women before and said out
loud “I give”, but I never remember ever saying to a mixed session wrestler “I submit to You”.

In the moment it felt very liberating. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. My brain
stopped thinking and I was totally at her mercy, waiting for her to direct me what to do.
I would say that submitting to a woman gives me an escape for the duration of the session - once I feel
that the woman is in control. After the session, I can go back to remembering how I felt during the
session as a “happy place” to go back to in my mind when needed in times of stress. I look forward to
my next session encounter to give me another hour of “escapism”. Session with a woman and giving up
control to her can become very addicting!

Setting up a Mixed Wrestling Session

So you have an idea of what type of session you want to have and what type of woman you want to
have a session with. Where do you find such a woman to make your fantasy come true? If you are
reading this, I will assume you saw this on the site – this is my favorite place to go to
find a woman to make my mixed wrestling fantasy session come true.
You can find women by geographic are through the search box, or choose by state if you are in the
United States, or by country if you are international. You can see who lives in your area and who is
touring. If you travel for business or pleasure, you can see which SessionGirls live in the area you are
visiting or with to visit to meet up with a SessionGirl.
You find your ideal (or close to it) SessionGirl you want to see. Next step is to look at reviews about your
choice. You can find reviews on her SessionGirls profile page,, Male vs Female wrestling
forum, and other sites. Does the SessionGirl have a lot of positive reviews? Not many
reviews? Reviews that might make you hesitate to see her? Also look at her SessionGIrl profile for links
to social media/websites/Clips4Sale store, etc. Do you like what you see?
If her profile, reviews, online presence, etc. are to your satisfaction, make sure you read her profile page
thoroughly on how to contact her for a session. Most would like a detailed e-mail that include date and
time you want to session, what city, tell how you find her online to request a session, and what type of
session you would like based on services she said she is willing to do based on her SessionGirls profile. If
a SessionGirl wants you to include references from other SessionGirls you have seen – include the
names of the SessionGirls and their e-mails so the person you are requesting a session with can contact
them. Also include information about your self – height, weight, and what you like for a session – do
you like role play? muscle worship? Fantasy? Semi-competitive? Competitive? Boxing?, include favorite
hold you like placed on you, what clothing to you want the woman to wear, etc.
Keep your request “PG” and not ask for anything that might be considered “illegal” by the authorities. If
you are looking for an “escort” – there are other websites you can go to for those services. Even if you
have heard “through the grapevine” what a SessionGirl might offer even though it is not listed, an initial
e-mail is not the time and place to request such a thing.
After letting her know what type of session you want, include how long of a session you want and what
she charges for that amount of time. If a SessionGirl includes information about costs – conform the

amount in the e-mail. Also, confirm location (city) and if in her town – location and options. Some of
the SessionGirls I know in Southern California have access to a ring at an additional cost which is
preferred for me over a session in a hotel room.
After reviewing the e-mail, hit send and then wait for a reply.
If a SessionGirl would rather be contacted by phone call, be prepared with what questions you have for
her before calling.
For e-mail and phone calls the format can go like this.
1. Intro/Hello
2. Let SessionGirl know how you found her (hopefully through
3. You would like to know if she is available for a session on Month, Date at Specific Time and
4. You want XXX type of session (fantasy/role play, semi competitive, competitive, muscle worship,
lift and carry etc.) Include your height and weight so she has an idea of the physical
characteristics of the person she is meeting with. If you ask for a Lift and Carry session, she may
have limits on weight of client with what she can do.
5. You like a session where SessionGIrls does XXX (favorite holds, what clothing you like her to
wear, etc)
6. Let how know how long of a session you want and ask/confirm what her rate is for the type of
session you want.
7. Is there anything additional she wants (references, screening information to verify who you are,
8. Thank her for her time to read over your information and that you look forward to her response.

Keep in mind it might take several days to hear back. SessionGirls have a “life” outside of being a
SessionGirl and eventually they will get back to you. One of the biggest pet peeves from SessionGirls
are clients who continually send e-mails before they have a chance to reply – just be patient. My advice
is give it a week or so before sending a follow up e-mail if you do not get an initial response.

The Initial Response

Hopefully you do not need to wait long for a response. Read the response carefully to see what the
SessionGirls says and what you will need to do for the next step of the process to set up a session.
Responses usually include if the SessionGirl is able to give you type of session you are requesting. If she
is, she will let you know if the date and time you requested is available, and if not, will include alternate
date and times
Fees – does the fee she charges for the type of session you and want and duration of the session fit what
you are willing to pay. If not, than reply to thank her for the information but you do not want to see her
at this time. I know you are probably thinking to yourself, why not negotiate the price? I can let you
know from my experience and in talking with many SessionGirls, one of the biggest “buzzkills” for a
SessionGirl is when a client requests a “lower price” for a session. Its better to decline a session and if
the SessionGirl replies that if it is a financial issues, she may be willing to come down in the price. That is

a much better scenario that the client asking for a “discount”. In my opinion, it boils down to how much
a SessionGirl believes her time to be worth. If she feels she is worth a certain price, then I respect her
opinion and as the client/consumer, I decide how I want to spend my money. On the other spectrum,
declining to pay what a SessionGirl believes she is worth may get a response from her of calling you
“cheap”. I just ignore a response like that as the SessionGirl is trying to get a rise out of me and I do not
play that game.
Deposits – many SessionGirls today may ask you to send a deposit to secure your session time and place.
You can ask 30 SessionGirls and clients what they think about deposits and you will get 30 different
answers – it a topic everybody hates but there is no universal solution to the problem it creates. Clients
hate sending deposits, but SessionGirls get so many “no shows’ that is lost revenue, a deposit at least
cushions the blow from a client who will be a “no show”. Deposits range usually anywhere between $50
to half of the total session cost. There are numerous ways to send deposits (Venmo, PayPal, CashApp,
Zelle, etc.) The issue is with this industry, SessionGirls might have their account closed or restricted if it
is deemed for “inappropriate” use. That’s why it is best to not include a note on what the payment is
for. Do not write in note “wrestling session, lift and carry session, muscle worship, etc.” That is easiest
way to make a SessionGIrl upset – put in an inappropriate note and get her account frozen where she
can not access funds.
The other issue for deposits is don’t send a deposit for more than you are willing to “lose”. Always
check the reputation of the SessionGirl you are sending a deposit to. If it is a new SessionGirl with no
reviews or has reviews that mention issues with deposits, you have the choice to send the deposit if you
really wish to see her or take the risk to send the deposit knowing that it might be a “scam” and you
might be out deposit money. On the chance the session does not happen and if there is a dispute
about the deposit fee you sent, do not ask others to complain to for resolving the issue. For
SessionGirls, the policy is you can write a review about it and before it gets approved to be viewed by
the public, the SessionGirls website will contact the SessionGirl to let her know and give her a
reasonable amount of time to resolve the issues. If the SessionGirl does not, the review will be made
public and the SessionGirl can respond to the review on her SessionGirl profile page. It there are
numerous complaints, the SessionGirl will be banned from having a profile on the SessionGirls website.
If you feel taken advantage of and REALLY want your money back, you have the option of using the legal
route and suing the SessionGirl for not providing a service.
Setting up the Session – let’s hope that everything is going well and you reply back to the SessionGirl
what you want to see her, the price and time is acceptable to you and you let her know that you will
send the deposit (if needed) and you can’t wait to see her on the date and time that you set.
Once everything is set up, do not send additional e-mails if possible. SessionGirls are busy people and
even if they agree to see you, does not make them your e-mail “friend”. Respect their time!

Day of the Session

Most SessionGirls will wait until the day of the session to give you a location (especially if they are on
tour). If you are seeing her in her town, she may give you the address ahead of time, but ask that you
do not arrive early if it is in a residential area as they don’t want their neighbors seeing strange men
hanging around the area on a regular basis. If you arrive to her area early, find a local coffee shop to

hang out at until the time you to see her. Nothing makes a SessionGirl more nervous than when a client
says he is there “early”. Doing so will make her feel “rushed”. Most SessionGirls I know use the time
before a session to get ready for YOU, read any information you send her about how you would like a
session to go, etc.
In following the SessionGirl’s instructions, you arrive at the destination at the appointed time and place.
You knock on the door and she might slowly open the door, hiding behind it to let you in, and then
closing the door to reveal herself to you. She might already be dressed for the session, some like to
wear a robe or other outfit over it to wait until just before the session starts to “reveal” what she will
wear for the session.
To try to start on a good night, you might find out ahead of time what type of “gift” she might like to
present to her before the session starts. Its not mandatory, but it might be an appreciative gesture on
your part. Don’t forget to also give her an envelope with the funds for the session. Either hand it to her
or leave it somewhere in the room where she can pick it up at her discretion.
Because time is valuable, it is wise to ask to use the restroom to change (if needed) or “freshen up” to
get ready for the session. It will give her a chance to pick up the envelope and count the funds to make
sure you gave her the agreed upon amount with her not having to count it in front of you.
When you are finished in the restroom, you should come out ready for the session. There may be some
last minute questions she may have for you to get started. Try to keep any “chit chat” to a minimum as
she may have another session scheduled after you and probably doesn’t want to tell you to “hurry up”
as it might be a buzzkill for the session.
So let her take the lead in starting the session and then HAVE FUN!
After the Session

If you are like me, you hate when the SessionGirl tells you when the session is over – lol Hopefully thing
went as expected or better then expected.
Depending on the rapport with the SessionGirl, you can spend a little bit of time “decompressing” and
talking about how things went. Don’t try to take advantage of “extra time” though, it is another pet
peeve of SessionGirls of clients who don’t leave when they need to get ready for the next client or just
want to have time alone to clean up.
Gather your things, use the restroom to change back into “outside” clothes, and if you feel you had a
great time, leave the SessionGirl a “tip” of appreciation. It will go a long way if you ever want to see her
I know many clients offer to take the SessionGirl out for a meal/coffee after a session. It might not be
appropriate for a first session, but if you seem to “connect” after a session and make plans to see her
again, you can ask when setting up the next session if she would be interested in being taken out for a
meal. Some are flattered by such a request, some have a policy of not seeing clients outside of a
session. Don’t take it personally if she says “no”. If a SessionGirl is on tour, she might have sessions
spread through the day and may be unable to get away – ask if you can bring her snacks/food that she
can eat between sessions.

Another “thank you” you can do for her is write a review to share online on SessionGirls, something she
can use on her website, etc. I usually write it up and e-mail to her to see if she approves and if she
wants something added or taken out. Also remember to send her a follow up e-mail if you enjoyed your
time with her and want to see her again.
Enjoy the “high” after the session as you head to your next destination after the session. After the
“high” wears off, there might be some “depression”. Try to focus on the great memories you had and
what you would like to do for your next session (whenever that might be).


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I see a mixed session university being established.

I am new to this world. So far, I have not participated in a wrestling session with a woman. So my experience is zero. I acquire knowledge by reading this forum, for example. This knowledge gives some imagination about a mixed wrestling session.

I think about sessions in which the woman physically dominates and controls and mentally builds the man. I, still inexperienced, believe that such a session is useful for me. Strength comes from three sources: muscle, height, and weight. Strength from muscles, i.e. muscle work - this is what attracts me the most, regardless of the height and weight of a woman. Strength from growth, or the leverage effect - greater height, longer arms, longer legs, bigger arms, bigger feet. Strength from mass, that is, weight. Women of considerable weight: fluffy or heavily loaded with muscles, with muscles as big and dense as steel.

A woman, using her strength, will delve into my spiritual interior. By working on my body, it will build my psyche. It is a great way to relieve stress, neurosis and depression. I admire strong women.

The roles of men and women are divided from the beginning of mankind, it results from nature. Nature has a great influence on life. But man is also a social being, that is, he creates civilization, rules, and makes laws. Then the natural order can be replaced by some consent. The session is such an example.

The second half of the twentieth century is just a breakthrough that a woman can not only equal a man, but also dominate. I like female domination. They had been hidden for so many centuries, but finally the Amazons began to fight. I even read that a man can become extinct. Therefore, remember about us men, because you need us for a mixed session.

One more note to the session. I will always support the session being useful and safe for both parties. For example, in lifting and carrying, I am for a compromise so that a woman does not hurt herself, but there is something similar and safe, such as: dragging on the floor or pushing. A woman and a man should know each other well before the session is agreed. Also, the place of the session should be known and safe for both parties. I understand that a session is not a date, but it's a shame you can't make weekly, monthly appointments. When a man and a woman live in the same city and have managed to get to know each other, they have a common interest in a wrestling session. Then the session is more certain. Instead of love between a man and a woman, there can be friendship. You don't believe in friendship?

I believe in friendship. Friendship can be realized through a session. A woman offering athletic sports has enough strength, is more confident, dominant, and controls the course of the session. The woman is in control in the session and the man is in her arms and legs. Even if a man comes only to stroke a woman's legs, she can overpower her at any moment (as Lora Ottenad). Of course, a woman can fall in love with this man. Emotions can take precedence over composure. I believe that instead of burning silently by falling in love, it is better to talk about it on a regular basis. Friendship or love? There are pros and cons to both. Ultimately, you can become more friends. What if love wins? Well, what's so terrible about that? Then the woman can have a permanent session with her beloved man every day. Everyday idyll of a muscular woman (as Karla Nelsen) with a beloved man.

Here are my milestones for this forum.
1. From the beginning of his existence I am an overweight and physically weak person, and wrestling is very attractive to me, but I have never trained them. I have a lot of stress, neurosis and depression.
2. I admire strong people. I see strong women lifting guys up in it. Lifting, control by a woman over a man - it always pleased me.
3. I like and I have good memories of movies in which wrestlers were in action.
4. I like watching YouTube videos. Nicole Bass, Karla Nelsen, Lora Ottenad.
5. I like the website for SessionGirls wrestling sessions.
6. I have subscribed to this forum.
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Please feel free to introduce yourself and let us know what brought you to the discussion forum area and what type of sessions you are interested in.

Also feel free to make comments about the client guide above and let us know your thoughts as it is a work in progress.


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